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Anonymous whispered: what are your favorites blogs?

arizonasrobbins is a good friend of mine, little-greysanatomy, doctorcristinayang, calliettorres, and for humour swedishgovernment :)


Sandra Oh & Kevin McKidd watching Owen’s first appearance


Dear Sara,

I can’t tell you just how important having you as a role model is, and has been to me, especially this past year. You are ridiculously stunning, truly on the inside and out. Your confidence is enamoring and your heart is so full of love. I am extremely proud to call you my idol. You encourage people everywhere to love themselves, to live their lives to the fullest, because of your experiences and I think that is incredibly beautiful. Thank you for being an infinite source of affection and light. From the bottom of my heart, I love you, and I can’t thank you enough for everything you do. You are truly an amazing person and you deserve the world. I hope that on today and every other day you are reminded of how much you are loved and appreciated!

August 31, 1975

Happy 39th birthday Sara Elena Ramirez! (August 31, 1975)

You’re good for more than sex, Mark. Callie really doesn’t even know how good she is. You fought, you loved, you lost. Walk tall, Torres. You’re worth getting to know in daylight. We’re a family, sort of… we’re best friends.Go kick some ass, Torres. She’s my best friend.You okay? Do I look okay? You look great. Then I’m okay. Okay, well I’ll still have you, right? You’ll still be my friend.I can dance, let’s dance. Just let yourself be happy, okay? Mark, I love you.